Introducing our Lateral Foundation System

Introducing a steel foundation system that gets lateral loading in poor soils used underslab, house piles and retaining walls.

A concrete-free alternative to traditional piling and concrete slab foundations that is revolutionising the foundation industry.

This system is perfect for:

  • Under slab Pile support for suspended concrete slab in low KPA soil types.
  • Timber pile foundations without having to use concrete
  • Retaining Wall Systems
  • This system is perfect for: Rocky soils
, Sandy soils (low kPA)
, Contaminated sites,  Heritage sites
 and Archaeological sites
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The benefits:

Suited to most soil types and conditions

Cost effective for difficult soil types, rock, and remote sites.

Sustainable and reusable

Components can be extracted and reused at another site.

Able to withstand intense force 

With significant strength advantages over timber, concrete, or screw piles, these systems are able to bear weight immediately following installation.

Faster and more cost-effective than alternatives

The S250 range can be installed in under 10 minutes per pile, saving on time and labour costs.

Minimal excavation means no mess on site

With minimal excavation of soil needed, there's no mess left behind, allowing construction to commence immediately.

Able to withstand seismic conditions 

Performs in seismic environments, and is cyclonic rated.

No specialist machinery required for installation

With a jackhammer and some elbow grease, these systems are easily and quickly installed.

Lifespan of 50+ years

Both Galvanised and Stainless steel options depending on environments.

Our engineering team can issue PS1 on most projects

Producer Statements that align with the Building Act 1991 can help to fast-track your required project consents.

Fully adjustable piles

Vertical piles (up to 150mm), and horizontal piles (up to 100mm) can be adjusted with a spanner while the house is in situ.

Wide range of possible applications

Able to be used for everything from residential builds and renovations, to commercial construction, and civil engineering.

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Steel pile systems for poor soil types

Nicknamed the "metal tree stump”, this system mimics tree roots; spreading throughout the soil and supporting a slab foundation and achieving larger load capacities without having to use expensive gravel rafts.

Our Steel footing foundation systems gets lateral bearing giving it a high-strength creating an extremely effective pile cap. Once piles are driven and the cap is secured, the opposing forces of the multi directional piles provide a solid, stable foundation.

The system is designed to increase its efficiency when resisting gravity, uplift, shear and moment loads.  Ultimately, the soil structure absorbs the applied stress. Our footing system is job-specific, and is designed according to site soil conditions, and structural design loads etc.

Nicknamed the "metal tree stump”, it mimics the root system of trees; spreading throughout the soil, achieving larger load capacities, faster and more cost-effectively.

The system is installed via steel tubular piles driven into the ground with a simple jackhammer and attachment tool.

The engineering principles are based on piling technology, using a combination of skin friction and bearing. Because of non-displacement piles, the system can be used in any penetrable soil, including sand, silt, clay, small gravel, and even rock, and can stand up against all wind categories. Installation times range from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which size you are using, and are adjustable in plumb and level after your foundations are installed.

Underslab each pile supports the ring beam in low kPA soils which removes the need to do any excavating.



At XSite Foundations we work closely with both clients and staff, using the safest working practices, highest quality products, innovative engineering, and tested procedures.

Some contractors do a bit of everything - XSite Foundations are foundation specialists. We can complete your job from start to finish, on time. Whether it involves retaining walls, detailed excavation, boxing or laying new concrete slabs, installing a lateral foundation system, or rib-raft pod or polystyrene foundation, you can rest assured that we are the quality choice.

We have a diverse team that can complete all foundation works on site. With our focus on excellent preparation, and specialist equipment and vehicles, you can have peace of mind that your foundations are in expert hands.

We have completed projects in Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay, Hamilton, the Chatham Islands, and the wider Bay of Plenty, where we are based.

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